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Authoritative Parenting

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Identify Yours! Four Parenting Styles According to Diana Baumrind

Four Types Parenting Styles According to Diana Baumrind

If you are a parent, then you should know some popular parenting styles available out there. In fact, you have various options when it comes to raising children. When choosing the right parenting style, there are some factors that you should consider. Now let’s take a good look at some parenting styles that parents should know.


Four Parenting Styles Accorning to Diana Bumrind

Types of Parenting Styles that Parents Should Know

The following are all the parenting styles that parents must know. Each parenting style has its own benefits, thus knowing how to identify yours is important.

1. Authoritative Parenting

The first parenting style that you must know is Authoritative. What is it? Well, you must know that authoritative parents are nurturing and reasonable. In fact, they also set high expectations. For children who are raised with this style have some good characteristics. For example, they tend to be self-disciplined. Another characteristic is that they think for themselves. When compared to other styles, it seems that Authoritative is the most popular one that can offer more benefits.

Authoritative Parenting
  • Authoritative parents have goals and expectations that are high. But these goals and expectations are stated clearly. The good news is that children also have input into goals that are already set.
  • Parents offer rules that are clear. In addition, there are reasons that can be explained to children.
  • Parents who follow this parenting style are nurturing.
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2. Uninvolved Parenting

The next style is uninvolved parenting. It is a style where parents give a lot of freedom to children. The following are some common characteristics that you must know.

Uninvolved Parenting
  • Parents who follow this style offer little nurturing.
  • Please note that communication is limited.
  • There are no expectations.
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3. Permissive Parenting

It is a style where parents let children do things that they want. In addition, parents also offer limited direction or guidance. You can say that these parents are more like friends. The following are some common characteristics of permissive parenting.

Permissive Parenting
  • Expectations and goals are not set by parents. There are also some cases where these expectations are minimal.
  • Parents let their children decide for themselves.
  • Parents who follow this style tend to be nurturing and warm.
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4. Authoritarian Parenting

The last style that you must know is authoritarian parenting. Check some characteristics of authoritarian parenting listed below.

Authoritarian Parenting
  • This style comes with expectations that are high. These expectations also come with limited flexibility.
  • In most cases, communication is only one way. The worst case is that the rules are not explained.
  • Parents who follow this style often use a strict discipline style. It seems that punishment is common.
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The Bottom Line

We have listed all the styles that parents must know when raising their children. Knowing these styles will help you determine which style that you want to apply. Make sure that you choose the right style. In addition, you can also check whether the parenting style that you choose fit your goal or not.


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