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Nailed It! How To Be A Good Parent In 7 Easy Way

How To Be A Good Parent?

We all believe that there is no single person in this wold who wants to be bad parent. However, if you already read our previous post about bad parenting, we knew that even good parent can do bad parenting unintentionally. You want to change it? Good! There is no “late” word for people to change, especially for parents to change their parenting style. Here we provide you all some tips to do better on good parenting and be good parents. It is never too late for people to change your parenting style, and here are some tips to do good parenting to your children:

1.Directly Involved in Parenting Your Children
Good Parenting

Parents are the most special people in the world for children. They are not only the guardian. Parents are the key people of their children who has responsibility to teach essential life lessons. This is the most usable skills that children need in future. Directly involved in parenting will also create comfort feeling to children and strike an emotional rapport. Good parents should maintain their warm relationship with children. They should still have control to children, but without losing love. this will bring a healthy upbringing for the children. This is the meaning of good parenting.

2. Good Parenting Means Avoiding Yelling and Striking Children

Many parents have difficulties in handling naughty children. This is natural and many parents often lost their control and patience. As the effect parents yelling and striking their children, which further will make children wailing and upset. Even some parents do not bother to spank and slap their children in  front of people. This is not a good parenting. It is better for parents to avoid these if they want to practice good parenting to their children. Good parenting means avoiding striking children as the damage is everlasting and can not be undone.

If you want to practice good parenting for your children, it is better for you to learn to control your children in more reasonable manners. Best practice is when children hit their friends, parents may take their children’s toy and return it only after children apologize to their friends. After they apologize, parents can explain why their action is wrong and how they should behave. It is a small example of good parenting.

3. Make Clear Reasons for Every Instructions
Good Parenting

Good parents should make their children know about the reason behind every parent’s instructions. they should know that every rules and instructions made for them is for children’s good sake. Children will not understand why their parents ordered them to study hard, or eat their breakfast, or wake up early. It is parents’ duty to elaborate the purpose of every instructions to their children. Good parents should elaborate it in simple and good manner that will make their children understand easily. Avoid using sentence like “Because you have to!” or “Just shut up and eat your dinner!”. that is totally wrong and children will mostly will not obey it as their natural tendencies to refuse what they do not understand.

4. Set rules after discussion

Good parenting means more discussions with children. Parents should do discussion to children before making new rules. It will make children feel that they are part of the proceeding. Besides, children also will be more aware that they are not allowed to do such thing. Discussions is good for parenting as it will make children feel important and will boost children’s self esteem. As effect, children will be more hesitate from doing wrong things.

5.Give Some Choice for Children
Good Paarenting

Actually it is a part of discussion. Parents should ask their children about their opinion before deciding something.It will be very useful for teenagers. Teenagers often feel mad when they are not involved in making decisions or not given choice. Parents may ask “I think it is been long time for you not going to church. Should you go there next Sunday?” instead of “You need to go to church. You should go there tomorrow”. By this way, parents will indirectly teach them to make good decision and introduce children to be more responsible.

6. Listening to The Children Whenever They Say A Thing

Good parenting is also about listening to your child carefully when they share something. It includes when they tell their experience on the whole day and tell all their achievements. For parents, it will be a bit trivial but it means a lot for them. Dot not interrupt your children when they telling their stories with heart-breaking words. It is better to appreciate your children, especially when they are truthful and honest.

7. Be Good Examples for Children
Good Parenting

Actions is louder than words! Remember that proverbs.It is the best way to teach children or make them understand if only parents give example to children. Children are the copy of their parents. They will do what their parents do and how their parents behave to and treat them. Children learns habits from parents; good or bad ones. So, it it better for parents to do what their children supposed to do, before ask them to do it.

Just always remember that bad parenting is sometimes unintentionally and it is parents mistake! There is never too late to change to change your style to be a good parenting. Good parenting is important for children’s development. Their future is in parents’ hand and it is parents’ responsibility to bring good change.

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  1. Agree with every pointer in the article. Good parenting respects children and it doesn’t belittle them. Parenting is not a destination but it’s a journey filled with learning.

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