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Unintentionally! 11 Signs of Bad Parenting That Parents Usually Do

Bad Parenting? Does it even Exist?

Most people think bad parenting is only a myth in this modern times. No single parent in this world want to see bad things happens to their children and we believe you are one of them. In fact, bad parenting does exist in this world unfortunately. Even some parents did bad parenting unconsciously and leave long-lasting bad effects to the children. It sometimes could be unintentional and parents do not realized it. In this article, we will discuss further about what is bad parenting and signs of bad parenting.

Bad Parenting (via:

Bad Parenting Definition

Bad parenting is series of actions and treatments given to children that could harm children’s psychology and mental development. Thus, it is not a bad action of taking care children at a single time. Sometimes parents get poor results  when they try to reconcile it when they feel guilty.

Bad parenting is unintentional, making many parents do not realize their mistakes. Parents may too busy to be an active parents, but they do not prepare enough for the worst scenario. These all refers to bad parenting.

11 Signs of Bad Parenting

There are many indications or signs that refers to bad parenting. Surprisingly, many of them are unintentionally. Below are 11 common things that indicate parents had bad parenting style:

1. Physically Intimidating Children
Intimidating Children is Indicator of Bad Parenting (credit:

First indicator of bad parents are they often intimidate their children. Raising hands, spanking, or show a fist whenever children do mistakes are some examples of physical intimidation. Bad parents use these as their tool to discipline their children, ignoring mental and physical impact on the children. Using fear to control children’s fear to parents is similar to bullying. This is very pathetic and had very bad impact to children.

2. Giving Grumpy Answers

Grumpy, short answers is an indicator of bad parenting. Grumpy answers could make children bewildered and disappointed. It is way better to guide children through wise and comforting words. Parents can maintain their warm relationship with their children by this way. Grumpy and stubborn parents made their children as a bad-tempered children and often related to naughty children.

Grumpy Answer is A Sign of Bad Parenting
3. Helping Solve Even The Smallest Problems

Helping children is a good thing, but parents should let a thing for children to do on their own. Let children solve small problems is the example. By solving their small problems, parents can stimulate their children to build their self confidence and self esteem.

4. Bad Parents Never Offer Choice to The Children

In this case, children has no choice because their parents deciding everything. Where they study, what clothes they wear are all handed by parents. Parents should be more rigid that they should give chance to children. It will stimulate children to yearn for other things.

5. Bad Parents Give More advice and Less Encourage

Bad parents much more telling children to do things rather than encouraging the children and saying good words on them. Bad parents often say “You should go to bed early to wake up early” rather than “You had studied hard. You are tired. It is better for you to go to bed a bit early.”

6. Often Punishing and Hitting Children in Front of Everyone

This is very bad sign of parenting that many parents often do it unintentionally. Parents give no hesitation in castigating children irrespective of the place and the people. Parents scolding children in front of families, and even the neighbors. It is terrible for children’s mental health.

Signs of Bad Parenting
7. Bad Parents Always Reprimanding Children Even If The Children Spoke the Truth

Parents sometimes forget that children was courageous enough to be truthful. When children did something wrong, bad parents will scold them for committing mistake, even if children acknowledge it.

8. Not Supportive Enough

Bad parents are tend to be not supportive, even when children need their help at the most. Sometimes parents are too busy with their job. In the same time, children are at the examination time and in need much support from parents. In this time if parents do not give extra support, it will lead children to feel neglected.

9. Not Showing Adequate Affection Is Also Bad Sign of Parenting

Children always need emotional connection and warmth from their parents. When they feel that they lack of attentions, children tend to try get theirs by troubling and being naughty. This is the reason why children are sometimes naughty and troubling their parents.

Not Showing Affection Is a Sign of Bad Parenting
10. Never Be Proud of Children’s Achievements

Some parents demand high standard and achievement from their children, especially Authoritarian Parents. However, some parents forget to give excitement or joy when children give small achievements. For example, children comes home beaming with pride after winning competition, but the parents give no credit t them.

11. Bad Role-Model for Children

Children learn habits, especially from their parents. They tend to be “a copy of their parents“, whether good or bad. Bad parents are only demanding high standard from children without showing how to achieve that standard. It is good to spare a moment to make introspection whenever children does something wrong and inappropriate. They might learn that bad thing from the parent. It is not only showing the path to the children, but also walking with the child for the first few steps. It is better to give them example rather than only give words to them.

Bad Role Model is a Sign of Bad Parenting

Bad Parenting Has Lasting Impact to Children

Bad parenting can have a lasting impact on the child, and often the damage is irreversible. bad parenting has serious consequences. Some of effects on of bad parenting to children are:

  • Children has a little empathy towards others
  • Children has trouble in establishing lasting friendship
  • Children tend to be anxious and depressed
  • Causing Psychological disorders for children
  • Raising probability of criminal behavior

Those are bad impacts of bad parenting. Those bad effects of bad parenting are frightening irrevesible. However, it is never too late for parents to change their parenting style for the children’s good sake.

You can see our simple guide to be a good parent and fix all above problems in our next post -> How To Be A Better Parent?

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